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Lochinvar National Park

Lochinvar National Park, is best known as park of exquisite beauty with an abundance of bird life. With over 400 species in its 428 square kilometers the draw of this destination is birds, rather than large mammals.

A wide floodplain of the Kafue River nestled between Itezhi Tezhi dam in the west and Kafue Gorge in the east makes up a major portion of the park and includes the shallow Chunga Lagoon - a hot spot for water birds.


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lochinvar location map

 Kafue Lechwe in LochinvarNational Park

Lesser Pelican in Lochinvar

Pink Backed Pelican in Lochinvarnational park

Animals & Birds

Large mammals are not abundant and with the exception of the Buffalo, there are no threats in the park, making it a birders paradise. Antelope abound, including large herds of the amphibious Kafue lechwe (only found in Zambia), as well as blue wildebeest, kudu, oribi, zebra and wildebeest. Bushbuck kudu, baboon, bush pig and vervet monkey can be found predominately in the southern regions of the park.

At the Chunga Lagoon you’ll find the greater and lesser flamingo, marabou stork, the pink backed and white pelicans, African skimmer, Caspian tern, Baillon’s crake and the red knobbed coot...to name a few.

Waders, sandpipers, and ducks abound along with over 50 species of raptors.

Other interesting sightings include the yellow throated sandgrouse, narina trogon, and Denham’s bustard.



Notable Facts

The Gwisho Hot Springs occur here along a geological fault with temperatures ranging from 60° to 90° C.

Sebanzi Hill, the site of a large Iron Age Village, apparently occupied by the ancestors of the Tonga tribe from about A.D. 1100.


Kudu in Lochinvarnational park

Zebra in Lochinvar

Oribi in Lochinvar


May to September

Cool and dry with daytime high of about 74°F (23°C). Lows to 46°F (8°C) at night.

October to November

Hotter daytime temps of 95°F( 35°C), with little humidity.

December to April

The rainy season is hot and humid with daytime temperatures of 82°F (28°C). Most lodges close during this time due to impassable roads.


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Blue Wildebeest in Lochinvar


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