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Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park

Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park is home to the north half of Victoria Falls - as the Zambezi River forms the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. The other side of the falls is the twin Victoria Falls National Park.

The park is divided into 2 sections, the falls and the area surrounding them and a wildlife sanctuary near Livingstone.


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mosi-oa-tunya location map

 mosi-oa-tunya National Park

mosi-oa-tunya National Park

Famous Features

Over 2 km wide as they plunge more than 430 into the gorge below the Zambian side of the falls offers a more intimate adventure than the Zimbabwean side.

The Boiling Pot, Knife's Edge and Devil's armchair are just some of the vantage points that will provide photographs and experiences of a lifetime.

A guided trip to Livingstone Island is probably among the most terrifying and spectacular places from which to view the falls. Access is tricky depending on the water level.



Notable Facts


As the falls form the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe, visiting from both sides is recommended. There is a border that offers day passes (visas), but checking in advance is strongly urged.


devils swimming pool in mosi-oa-tunya National Park

mosi-oa-tunya National Park

mosi-oa-tunya National Park


Dry Season (May - Oct)

Near the end of the dry season the falls carry less water, perhaps less spectacular, but with less spray means better photo ops.

Wet Season (Nov - April)

The falls are at their peak flow near the end of the wet season (late March). Lots of water also means lots of mist, so the photographic opportunities are best during times of less flow.


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mosi-oa-tunya National Park


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